INFLUENCE CAMPAIGNS: Crusades & Sanctuaries - Lusternia Online Help INFLUENCE CAMPAIGNS: Crusades & Sanctuaries

Syntax: CAMPAIGN HERE - Shows active campaigns.
        CAMPAIGN SET <SANCTUARY/CRUSADE> - At Nexus, sets current campaign.
        CAMPAIGN <SANCTUARY/CRUSADE> - Campaign for either sanctuary or crusade.

Upon reaching City Rank 3 or Commune Rank 3, you will have the ability to 
channel power from your nexus in influence campaigns for villages in play. 
You must first go to your nexus and CAMPAIGN SET <SANCTUARY/CRUSADE> 
in order to set which influence campaign you wish to prepare for. Then, 
when a village goes into play, you can set a location for that campaign 
type. That location will be locked in whatever type it is set in until you 
leave that location (or die in the case of crusades) or 5 minutes have passed.
Once a sanctuary or crusade ends, there will be a 5 second period where you
will not be able to campaign again. CAMPAIGN HERE will reveal if a campaign is
active and how long before it will end.

 - Costs 1 power.
 - This turns a location into a safe room.
 - You may influence and debate in that location freely.
 - Prevents crusades from being called.

 - Costs 1 power.
 - Doubles the effect of influencing in that room for anyone in your city 
   or commune.
 - Prevents sanctuaries from being called.

Cities and communes should develop strategies for influencing campaigns. 
While it may be possible to gather a large group together and steamroll 
through a village with a crusade, this strategy may backfire and allow 
competitors to spread out and stake out prime influence locations with 
sanctuaries. Note also that debates can take place in sanctuaries.