HOMESTEADS - Lusternia Online Help


Homesteads may only be placed within the boundaries of cities or communes of which you are a member. To purchase a homestead you must contact with descriptions of rooms, how the rooms should map and any other details. Please note that because these are publicly accessible, descriptions are subject to admin approval, both for grammar and content. Homesteads will be mapped and are not changeable (unlike manses). 

Homesteads may be deeded to families. The syntax for homestead management is simply HOMESTEAD.

BASIC HOMESTEAD: 1000 credits
  o Includes 5 indoor, urban rooms 
  o Descriptions must be approved by admin
  o Rooms will be mapped to the city or commune
  o Location will be set by one of the city or commune divine pantheon
  o Wooden doors (pine/oak/walnut) can be placed wherever owner indicates 
   (one-time only)

EXTRA ROOMS: 150 credits per room
  o Indoor, urban
  o Descriptions must be approved by admin

OUTDOOR UPGRADE: 5 credits per room
  o Change from indoors to outdoors

FOREST/GARDEN UPGRADE: 5 credits per room
  o Change environment from urban to garden, forest or trees

ENVIRONMENT UPGRADE: 25 credits per room
  o Change to any prime environment (i.e., not cosmic, elemental, etc.)

ROOM REDESCRIPTION: 25 credits per room
  o To change a room description after it was initially set
  o Descriptions must be approved by admin

TELEPORT FEATURE:  100 credits
  o Two objects (owner's choice) between two rooms which allow owner to teleport
    between rooms (can be set for org members such as family, guild, etc.).
  o Descriptions of objects must be approved by admin

  o Can move a homestead to a new city/commune
  o Owner must be a member of the new city/commune

Certain artifacts for manses may be customized to work for homesteads. Please contact before purchasing to make sure they can be made compatible.