GUILD NOVICES - Lusternia Online Help


Everyone enters the guild as a novice, which is normally selected upon 
first entering Lusternia. Novices will only be able to use the guild 
novice tell (HELP GUILDTELL). Further, once inducted, you will 
automatically gain a prefix and suffix appropriate for your guild, if the 
guild you are joining wishes its novices to gain said titles.

Once entering a guild as a novice, you will remain in novicehood for 24 
hours of on-line play time, after which you will automatically graduate 
out of novicehood. For those novices who show particular promise or 
complete projects assigned to them, the Guild Administrator, Secretary or 
Undersecretary may advance the novice, thereby reducing the time until 
graduation by 5 hours. Such an advancement may be awarded multiple times. 
Conversely, if a guild novice is deemed to be performing inadequately, 
their graduation can be held back in one hour increments (though never 
fall below 19 hours).

If you have _never_ graduated from novicehood in any guild, you are 
considered a NOVICE FRESHMAN. If you are a novice freshman and quit or are 
dismissed from a guild, you will automatically lose your guilds skills 
and be refunded approximately the number of lessons that you spent 
learning those guild skills. (This is to allow true newbies somewhat of an 
opportunity to change guilds without penalties.) Once you have graduated 
from novicehood from any guild, however, you will always retain your 
guild skills whether or not you subsequently join a different guild as a 

You may also read what is expected of you as a novice in a particular 
guild by doing: HELP GUILDNOVICES <guild>.