GUILD NEXUS POWER - Lusternia Online Help


The guild is responsible for the internal security of the city or nature 
commune it is tied to. Its primary function is the calling of certain 
entities to safeguard the city or commune. These entities are specific to 
each guild and are called from the nexus of power. There is an upkeep in 
power that is drained from the nexus every Lusternian month.

Nexus entities require both an initial cost in gold and power. The funds 
come out of the budget of the Ministry of Power, so it is important that 
it stay funded. Also, the Ministry of Power allocates how much power the 
nexus will allow for the upkeep of the guild entities. Guilds that go 
over this limit will find their entities disappearing. If at any time the 
nexus' power falls below 0 and upkeep cannot be maintained, all entities 
throughout the city or commune will be destroyed (a rather catostrophic 
event for any city).

Security commands may be executed by the Guildmaster, Guild Champion, or 
members of Security in the guild. Commands must be done at the nexus of 
power on the prime material plane. Alternatively, guards may be summoned at 
obelisks of villages under its sphere of influence in order to protect those

  - Will show what kind of entities can be summoned and initial cost in 
    gold and power. The monthly power upkeep is the same as the initial 
    cost in power.

  - Will summon an entity of that type at the nexus (or if a bard song, where
    it is summoned).
  - Entities will auto-attack city enemies, and will announce on your city
    or commune channel when they are first attacked, and when they are 
  - The maximum number of entities at any one time is set by the Ministry 
    of Power.

  - List what entities have been summoned and the monthly power upkeep.
  - A (P) in front of their name indicates that they are (P)atrolling.
  - A (G) in front of their name indicates that they are permanently
    standing (G)uard.
  - If there is neither a (P) or (G) it means the guard is standing guard, but
    will respond to calls for help, and will chase those it attacks.
  - An (I) means it is a special entity summoned by mage, druid or bard guilds 
    that has been infused into the location.

  - Orders one of your guards to stand guard at a particular spot. If called
    away by CALL FOR HELP, the guard will eventually try to return to that
  - The PERMANENT is optional. Setting this on a guard will cause the guard
    not to leave his post to track down calls for help, or to track down any
    enemies it might attack.
  - Mage and druid guilds CANNOT order their entities to standguard.

  - Orders a guard to randomly wander around, patrolling your city for
  - Mage and druid guilds CANNOT order their entities to patrol.

  - Druid, mage and bard guilds may order their entities to infuse into a 
  - An infused entity will disappear into the location and never move. It 
    will attack enemies of the city who enter that location but cannot 
    themselves be harmed in any manner. 
  - It is extremely important to infuse one of these entities as soon as 
    possible as they are vulnerable until after they are infused.

DISMISS <entity>
  - This will permanently dismiss a guard from service.