GUILD LOGS - Lusternia Online Help


In order to maintain accountability within a guild, logs are kept for seven days (the present day and preceding six days) of all important guild actions. These include guildfavouring, guilddisfavouring, outguilding, inguilding, choosing a patron, and more.

The syntax to see a log is:

READLOG <your guild name> <line to begin at - optional> <day to read - optional>

If you simply wish to read the current day's log, from the beginning, then all you have to do is READLOG <your guild>. If you wish to read another day's log, then you must include all four fields. For instance:


would start you reading the Archons' guild log from 3 days ago, starting at line 1. Were you to put 1 1, you would see yesterday's log, and 1 6 would show you six days ago.