GUILD COVENANTS - Lusternia Online Help


Two guilds in the same city or commune may form a covenant together. It requires the combined approval of all the guild leaders from both guilds. Also, it requires the approval of the guild patrons, who will require a referendum in the guild before giving their approval.

Once a covenant is formed, guilds will notice these changes:

1) Guilds will hear each other's GT and GNT channels. 

2) If a member has the ability to advance novices, they can also advance members of the covenant guild. 

3) Guild members may guildfavour members of the covenant guild. This does not count as a guildfavour for their own guild. A guildfavour from a covenant member is not as strong as a favour from a full guild member.

4) Appending a GHELP file with COV allows the other guild to see and edit them. For example, GHELP RULESCOV would be visible to and editable by both guilds.

Commands (Guild Leaders Only):

To form a covenant, it must be started by the Guildmaster. When all guild leaders from both guilds have agreed to a covenant, the patron must be approached who will request a referendum of the entire guild. Once the patrons of both guilds approve, the covenant will be formed. Guilds have until the New Year to form their covenants, otherwise they will need to start the process over.

Breaking a covenant only requires the 3 guild leaders of one guild to agree to break the covenant, in which case the covenant will be dissolved.