Located off of the Old Imperial Road, the Gourmet Ghetto houses two fine dining establishments, Bistro Noir and Chez Magnifique, and a quaint farmers market, where the freshest of ingredients can be found. Bistro Noir is a shadowed diner, filled with a steady fog, opened up Chef Gordo Hodgkinson, a distant relative of Dirk Hodgkinson, Stewartsville's butcher. Chez Magnifique is a romantic cafe filled with plush fabrics and extravagant decor, owned by Chef Rammy Fleming, a distant relative of the butcher of Delport, Wallace Fleming. The two restaurants, owned by former friends turned rivals, battle it out in a constant struggle of outdoing the other, in a never-ending restaurant war. Either chef is happy to receive help from any who may offer, all in hopes of driving the other's business into the ground, but shall either restaurant thrive? It has yet to be found out.