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Lying on the outskirts of the Basin of Life, the city of Gaudiguch makes its home amongst the scorched fires of the southern Razines, there in the shadow of Mount Zoaka. The city of Gaudiguch was once the victim of the Taint Wars, whereby it was lost in time and space for over five hundred years. When the lost city finally returned to the current timestream, all its citizens were dead except for one, Scuchidira Tliwx. Having declared its independence, Gaudiguch prides itself as the city of liberty, truth and justice. Home primarily to the dracnari, the city values the Light of individuality and self-identity second to only the Light of the Eternal Flame, the Nexus of Power that rages in a towering inferno through the heart of the Great Pyramid. The Nexus of Power burns within the Elemental Plane of Fire, as well as the Cosmic Plane of Vortex.

Lacking much social order, Gaudiguch indulges in many aspects of pleasure and frivolity. Even so, most citizens at least claim to strive for perfection of mind, of flesh and of the spirit. Though in the ancient days of the Holy Celestine Empire the city was guided by a spiritual leader, in modern times they have opted for a more conventional figure with proper elections - if anyone remembers to vote, at least.