FURNITURE - Lusternia Online Help


Artisans create a variety of furniture, from chairs and couches to thrones 
and chandeliers. Furniture can be placed within guildhalls, some 
miscellaneous buildings in cities and communes, and personal manses. You 
may interact with some furniture pieces as follows:

Furniture Verbs
  o SIT ON <furniture> - chairs, couches, beds and thrones.
  o LIE DOWN ON <furniture> - beds only.
  o LOUNGE ON <furniture> - couches only.
  o ROCK <chair> - Only while sitting on a chair that is also a rocker.

NOTE: Furniture often serves useful purposes. For instance, in order to 
write in a journal or letter, you will need to be sitting on a chair at a 
desk; or you will recover faster while sleeping in a bed. Check with your 
local artisan for more benefits from furniture.

Using Furniture Packages
Syntax: ASSEMBLE <package>

Skilled Artisans can create an aetheric package containing self-assembling furniture. These will often be sold in shops and can then be assembled by even the most unskilled of people.

Deconstructing Furniture
Syntax: DECONSTRUCT <furniture>
While furniture may be built in locations that are prepared for them, 
removing furniture is limited to certain people, as follows:

 o Manses - The manse owner.
 o Guilds - The Guild Administrator (only, not secretaries).
 o Cities/Communes - The Cultural Affairs Minister and the City/Commune Leader.
 o Shops and Stockrooms - The shop owner.