FOR MENTORS - Lusternia Online Help


The mentoring system in Lusternia is a system that is designed to ensure a
friendly reception into Lusternia by newbies. When you wish to mentor someone,
you would type MENTOR <player>. You must be in the room with him at the time.
PROTEGES will list any proteges you currently have.

In return for taking on the responsibilities of a mentor, you will gain 15% of
the first four credit purchases your protege makes, up to 1000 total credits.
However, under NO circumstance, are you to ask the newbie if he or she intends
to buy credits. These bonus credits will be bound.

The responsibilities of you as a mentor are to answer all questions about
Lusternia that a newbie has, to the best of your ability, and to, at the very
least, help him to help himself. You may choose to give him gold, or
equipment, but at the least, you must help him go ratting, help him find other
things to fight, and perhaps even help him do some quests or kill some things.
If your protege needs help, you are expected to help him or her. The privilege
of mentorship means that your proteges come first, and you come second. If you
cannot handle this, do not be a mentor.

Once the newbie has either purchased credits or played for at least 25 hours,
he will likely need less help, but you should still be willing to grant
reasonable assistance if need be. Remember that it is to your advantage to
help him out. The more interested in Lusternia he becomes, the more likely he
will be to buy credits, and the more credits you will get.

We take the position of mentor seriously, and if you are not performing your
duties as a mentor, then you risk having your ability to be a mentor taken

Tips for Mentors:
1) When dealing with newbies, always try to be in-role.
2) Even if it is not entirely in-role, be patient with them. Remember that
     Lusternia is probably much different from their previous mudding
     experience (if any).
3) Don't try to push them to buy credits. It's the sort of thing you might
     want to casually work into a conversation if the newbie asks about
     other ways to get lessons, but any hard-selling is strictly out of the
4) To sum it all up: Be professional. You are representing Lusternia to 
     newbies, who are the lifeblood of the world.

Mentor Bonus:
 - Grouping with a protege will give both of you 5% experience bonus.
 - Proteges learning from a mentor can learn up to 125 lessons per