FAIN, OF THE RED MASQUE - Lusternia Online Help


Features obscured beneath the Crimson Mask from which He takes His name, 
Fain gazes scornfully upon the common muck and rabble of mortality, 
choosing only the most able and ambitious to join His Masquerade. Born 
to the First Circle of the Elder Gods, He was a leader and diplomat 
among His peers, and supervised the Fifth Circle in its endless pursuit 
of knowledge. Therefore He is a God favoured by the powerful, worshipped 
by generals, governors, and the Magnagoran aristocratic ruling elite, 
from whose ranks His Priesthood is predominantly constituted. Fain's 
motives are shrouded in secrecy, as secret as the visage which lurks 
behind His Mask, save that He views the Basin of Life as a vast 
chessboard, and mortals as pieces through which the great game of power 
is played. His immense hatred toward Elfen and Merians is well 
documented, but He also bears an enmity toward the race of Kephera, by 
whose machinations He was imprisoned within the Undervault.

His symbol is a red mask on a field of black.