One of the few remaining Elder Gods of the First Circle, Eventru, Crown 
of the Exalted, was once known for His work with the Hamadhi. Both 
healers and caretakers of the Half-Formed, those infant Elder Gods that 
had not yet reached adulthood when Dynara and Magnora left to search for 
the Nameless Son, Eventru was among those of the First Circle to ensure 
they were kept within their creche, and later to lend His assistance 
during the Elder Wars in the healing of those who took to battle. While 
many Elders partake in the love of battle, Eventru has always remained 
one of observation and support, stepping to the fore to give directives 
and guidance to those who offer aid to the combatants, while staying out 
of the vanguard of the charge.

As the traitorous acts of Fain and His followers are always weighing 
heavy on His mind, Eventru holds a deep hatred for all things marred by 
the Soulless, and often times forbids any from speaking of them in His 
presence. As a Leader of Healers, He has always held the belief that the 
manipulation of the natural pathways that each Elder God was formed 
with, or in the instance of mortals born with, was dangerous at best, 
and tantamount to blasphemy at worst. Though He does not hold those who 
fan their divine spark in poor light, He most certainly despises those 
touched by the Taint or other forms of Soulless corruption, whether 
intentional or not.

For those seeking to follow the Crown of the Exalted, He holds them to 
four virtues: Loyalty, Courage, Pride and Purity. For without Purity of 
the soul and body, one cannot have Pride in themselves. Without Pride in 
ones deeds, one cannot have Courage in defending them, and without 
Courage, one has but fear and self-loathing, and with fear, there is 
only dissent.