ESTEEM - Lusternia Online Help


Esteem is the power of will and surety of self that is gained by successfully
influencing the denizens of Lusternia, and winning the ego battles that follow.
It is used to imbue figurines in order to give them worth as offerings to the

You can check how much esteem you currently have by looking at your SCORE. It
will be represented in arbitrary units, of which you can hold in reserve no
more than 500.

In order to imbue a figurine with your esteem, simply IMBUE <item> WITH <units>
ESTEEM. The more esteem you imbue an item with, the more essence it is worth
when you OFFER <item> at a shrine of the God of your choice. You can check how
much esteem an item has been imbued with with PROBE <item>. Influencing more
powerful denizens will fill up your own esteem faster.

You can optionally specify a target figurine to imbue the first with. The most
common use of this is when a figurine is stocked in a shop and you wish to
purchase some esteem directly. However, this process incurs a 5% loss of

Although blank figurines can be used, the best way to benefit from each unit of
esteem is to imbue it onto an enchanted figurine. At the point of offering, the
figurine's level will boost the essence that the God receives from your esteem
(the maximum boost is reached at level 40).

Note: An item retains the esteem you imbue it with until it is offered, so if
you will lose possession of an item between the time you imbue it and the time
you offer it, do not imbue it!

Syntax: IMBUE <figurine> WITH <units> ESTEEM [FROM <figurine>]