ELCYRION, THE ERUDITE - Lusternia Online Help


Elcyrion was one of the more ancient Star Gods, being among the first to 
emerge from a cosmic plane with His brother, Lacostian. His existence was 
filled with study and exploration, earning Him the circle of Thinker upon 
the departure of Dynara and Magnora. Elcyrion took great interest in the 
fabric of reality and possessed a strong natural Will by which He could 
alter this in a way akin to modern Psionics. 

In modern times, the Erudite suddenly disappeared from mortal eyes, not to 
be seen for many decades. When the voice of Elcyrion was heard again 
reality was fraying badly and His brother had perished. Elcyrion had 
managed to find the old workshop of Xyl, named Xion, by means of which He 
would be able to undo the damage to reality and seal the cause of this 
damage; the Nexi. Elcyrion had met a fate similar to His brother's 
however, and He had become sealed within Xion as the ancient systems 
unstabilized and backfired because of the Tainted energy of the elemental 
plane of earth. 

On the 25th of Vestian, in the year 162 CE mortals attempted to unseal the 
workshop of Xion, but the ancient security systems proved too difficult 
and eventually, all were killed, but not before weakening the systems 
which kept Elcyrion locked. In a last attempt to get loose and stabilize 
reality, Elcyrion shattered many of Xion's logic conduits, allowing Him 
access to the controls of Xion. The following events are not understood, 
but as Elcyrion stabilized reality His essence fused with that of His 
brother, creating a completely new entity known as Elostian.