Drocilla's life before the Elder Wars remains shrouded in secret as She reveals little and the other Elders are equally tight-lipped, only gazing upon Her with distrust and worry. It is known that She was an Artist of the Fourth Circle and a Keeper of the Song of Creation, an elite group of which She is possibly the only survivor presently as the Soulless hunted Them relentlessly for Their remarkable powers. Her artistic influence echoes across Lusternia in the enthralling song of the nightingales, the mournful and wrathful palette of the sky, the intoxicating scent of vespertine blooms, and other such atmospheric artwork.

Her unique abilities enhanced by Fain's Elixir and Her role among the Twelve Traitors have earned Her various names from the Elders - the Deceiver, the Temptress and, finally, the Redolence of Ruin, for in Her wake little remains but the hallmarks of Her presence - an intoxicating scent of musk and spices. The most well-known tale of warning comes from the proceedings of the Triumvirate where the Enchantress single-handedly bewitched almost all Elders in attendance in an attempt to free the Twelve. By a stroke of luck, the spell was shattered and the Hyringex Collar clasped about Her neck before She was sent into the Void with Her co-conspirators. There, She struggled against the binding for centuries, employing whatever weapon She could to find the Key, including the Elders She came across.

It is rumoured that the collar still binds the Enchantress, yet it did little to protect New Celest from Her Song, a sample of which She unleashed in a show of power upon Her crafty and mysterious return from the Void. Since then, She has joined Her Brethren in Magnagora, recognising its unique aristocratic culture, drive, and history as a hallmark of their potential and resolve. She accepts the ambitious and passionate into Her Order and encourages refinement, erudition, and mastery of the arts under Her patronage - be it painting, stagecraft, or politics. She is particularly fond of the Viscanti race for they mirror the metamorphosis the Twelve Themselves have undergone.

Her symbol is a censer burning with a lavender flame.