DIVINE ORDERS - Lusternia Online Help


Each God in Lusternia has a Divine order. These orders are composed of those
players who wish to formally declare their worship of, and dedication to, that
Deity. You may not join an order without the permission of that Divine one, for
only He or His chosen can grant entrance.

Many players find membership in a God's order to be one of the most important
parts of their experience in Lusternia. Membership gives a sense of belonging, 
and a sense of being watched over by a Deity who is sympathetic to you, and 
whose involvement may prove vital to success in the realms.

Membership in a Divine order is not an irrevocable decision. You can RENOUNCE
PATRON to leave a Divine order, though you should consider this decision
carefully before making it.

A Divine order has three circles, and several ranks. Your God grants or
withholds promotion based solely on whatever criteria He may choose. It is
considered extremely rude to ask for a promotion. Each order rank carries with
it its own special powers, from viewing a list of the enemies of your order to
calling down the wrath of the Gods upon them.

HELP GODS lists the Gods whose orders you may wish to learn more about.

HELP OFFERINGS describes offerings and the powers of order shrines.

HELP ORDER CIRCLES will go into more detail about the circles of an order.

HELP AFFINITY discusses the importance of affinity to orders.