CUSTOM DWELLERS - Lusternia Online Help


Dwellers usually reside in aether manses (and aetherships) or they could 
also dwell in your inventory. You must specify where you want your dweller
to reset.

that do have combat value.

The basic price of a dweller is 250 credits. (THESE MUST BE BOUND!) Which gets 
  - The dweller itself (including fully custom descriptions and name).
  - Resets to a room in your manse or your inventory.

Beyond this, you may purchase add-ons, either at the time of buying the 
dweller or any time afterwards. For 450 (BOUND!) credits, you can get a 
dweller with invincibility and sentience plus 10 reactions. Things not on 
this list are also possible, but will probably add considerable cost. Again,
these are NOT pets but rather roleplaying enhancements to your manse or 

Dwellers may not be traded in at all - no tradein value, no refunds, no 
exchanges. Be sure that you want any dweller you purchase, because it will be 
yours for a very long time!

1) Invincibility - 100 credits
  - Your dweller will not die.

2) Sentience - 100 credits
  - Order your dweller to speak and emote, pre-defined and custom emotes.

3) Wanderer - 75 credits
  - The dweller will wander around the manse

3) Reactions - 15 credits each 
  - These are described below

4) Shopkeeper - 250 credits
  - This must be requested by email to and is
    only available if you have a manse shop. This will enable the dweller
    to sell wares from your shop. It also enables you to setup the manse
    dweller outside of the manse and in the Basin. This upgrade includes
    a reaction for the GREET emote which will also show that this dweller 
    has wares for sale. The reaction should be along the line, "What would 
    you like to purchase today?". 

5) mailing dweller - 75 credits. Your dweller will deliver mail for you.

6)  delivery dweller - 100 credits. This is mostly a flavor skill that allows
    your dweller to deliver an item to a person who is online. You need to
    provide the following custom texts:

    A) Dweller owner's location, everyone sees: 
         With a grin DWELLER takes ITEM and bounds away to deliver it.
    B) Delivery target would see:
         DWELLER bounds in and hands you ITEM, then bounds away again.
    C) Delivery target, everyone else would see:
         DWELLER bounds in and hands ITEM to TARGET, then bounds away again.
    D) Dweller owner's location when dweller returns.
         DWELLER bounds in and smiles with a job well done.

Reactions are responses to various 'events'. An event is something that happens
that causes the dweller to respond. The events they may respond to are:

  - Being asked something (by the owner, a certain player, or any player)
  - Being attacked
  - Being greeted
  - Being given something
  - Being told something (by the owner, a certain player, or any player)
  - Death (at the very moment)
  - Dying (hurting bad, not dead yet)
  - Entry of a given player
  - Exit of a given player
  - Hearing something any player says (or only a certain player)
  - Random (this means it just goes off randomly)
  - Buying (SHOPKEEPERS ONLY) - response when someone buys an item
    from the shopkeeper

The things that denizens can do in response to these events are:
  - Say things
  - Do standard emotes
  - Do room emotes. A room emote is essentially sending out any text whatsoever
    to the room (the name of the denizen isn't in the results, as with a
    normal emote).
  - Move in a direction
  - Tell someone something
  - Give someone something (provided that the denizen is holding it)

So, for instance, you could have your dweller automatically run over and pee on
your worst enemy's foot when he/she enters the room. Or you could have your 
dweller attack someone if someone gives it your dead body. Use your 
imagination keeping in mind the lists above.

You can also choose to purchase reactions using reaction slots as mentioned in HELP MOBILEREACTIONS.

To request a dweller, send an e-mail to detailing what 
you want your dweller to be called and what its description should be. Include 
any special features you want to purchase. We need the name (either generic, 
like 'butler' or more specific, like the actual dweller's name; a short 
description, a long description, an extended description, plus what you see 
when the dweller is dead, when it enters a location, and when it leaves a 
location. For example:

Name: Jeeves
Short: Jeeves, the butler
Long: Jeeves, the butler, is standing here attentively.
Extended: (what is seen looking directly at the dweller. Multiple sentences.)
Enter: Jeeves, the butler, walks in from the $DIR.
Leave: Clicking his heels, Jeeves, the butler, walks off to the $DIR.
Death: Jeeves, the butler, lies here dead.

TELL <dweller> EMOTE <xx>       - any built-in emote, like nod, or weep.
TELL <dweller> EMOTE EMOTE <xx> - any free-form emote.
TELL <dweller> SAY <whatever>   - dweller will say whatever you want.

Loyals, loyal entities, mounts, and so forth, are not pets, and may not be
customised. They are much like pets in many ways, but they are different,
mainly in that all this great pet customisation doesn't work for them!

See also HELP PETS