COLLECTING CURIOS - Lusternia Online Help


Curios come in sets, and the goal is to collect enough to put together for a complete item. Some curios are rarer than others. Once complete, you can carry it around or set it in your manse. The following commands are available for curio collectors:

 CURIO SUMMARY [<collection>]
 CURIO ATTACH <curio part> TO <curio part>
 CURIO BREAK <partial>
 CURIO ACTIVATE <completed curio>
 CURIO CONVERT LESSONS [CONFIRM] (uses 30 free lessons)
 CURIO CONVERT <ANY|lesson pool> LESSONS [CONFIRM] (uses 30 pooled lessons)

To list all curios, simply input CURIO LIST ALL. This will list all curios in your possession and to what collection they belong in.

Curios always reset to their owner so they are impossible to lose or have stolen. However, you can CURIO TRADE one curio for another curio.

In order to put curios together, you must CURIO ATTACH them to fit together. As soon as two pieces are put together, it forms a partially complete curio and you can continue to attach parts to it. You can CURIO BREAK to break apart partially completed curios.

You can CURIO SHOW to see details on the curio, including what powers it has (you must specify either a piece or completed curio). CURIO POWERS will list completed curios with powers and which powers are active (if any).

Some curios can be set up in a manse. Once a curio is complete, you can CURIO ANCHOR it to a manse that you own. This will change its reset room to a room in your manse (though you can still pick it up if you want). You can CURIO UNANCHOR at any time.

You can CURIO RUB PIECE to turn a curio piece into another curio, or CURIO RUB ALL to mass rub. The result is usually of the same type but could possibly be any type of curio or aethergoop. You cannot rub a full curio or a partially completed curio. Rare curios will never rub into aethergoop; rather they will rub either into another rare curio or into two non-rare curios.

Finally, CURIO CONVERT will convert 30 free lessons into a random curio. For every 10 curios converted through lessons, you will receive a free curio.

The CURIOS command will list curios and curio pieces in your inventory. You can filter how to sort curios in various manners.

Czigany curios are magical objects d'art, usually uncovered from the ruins of the Cultural Province of the Czigany Coast. More on their origins can be found in the Event News 226. These items are wholly aesthetic in purpose and have no functional value whatsoever; rather, they are purely collector items.

Magic item curios are sold in the Glittering Gallery of Broken Curios on Avechna's Peak. They function like any enchantable object but can hold 200 charges. You do not need to wear or wield these items to use, and they will also surround you with colourful atmospheric messages (this feature can be toggled on and off by a TOUCH). Note: These items will only activate if in your inventory!

Damage resistant curios give damage resistance for various damage types - 2/7 if they are of one damage type and 1/7 per damage type if they give multiple. You can only have one damage resistant curio active at any time. CURIO ACTIVATE will activate these curios.

Damage enhancement curios buff damage for various damage types. You can only have one damage enhancement curio active at any time. CURIO ACTIVATE will activate these curios.

Travel curios improve movement speed in various terrain types. All travel curios will be active so long as they are in your inventory.

As you collect curios, you will notice some are associated with 'collections'. Collections generally are made up of four curios: a magic item curio, a damage resistant curio, a damage enhancement curio, and a travel curio. You can CURIO COLLECTION ACTIVATE a collection to trigger its power.

Usable only on the Prime plane, these bubbles when popped will transport you to a random room within a certain area. CURIO ACTIVATE will activate these curios.

Some curio parts can be found through questing! These combine to form special curios that can only be collected through completing certain quests.

The cooking curios are grouped in collections of four. They are bottles which can be sprinkled once per Lusternian month over any crafted food to transform that food into a speciality food item. If you sprinkle two different bottles from the same collection, the food will transform into a different speciality item, and again if you sprinkle three different bottles from the same collection. These speciality foods are highly nutritious but don't have any special powers. However, if you sprinkle all four bottles from the same collection onto a crafted food item, it will give a critical hit blessing on whoever eats it. If you eat multiple blessed items, the critical hit bonus will stack up to 5 times (but no more) and also stacks on top of critical hit artifacts, clovers, etc.

Cooks have a chance of receiving a curio piece the first time they cook or bake an item each Lusternian day. This chance is ONLY on the FIRST item cooked or baked that day and not subsequent attempts. The chance of finding a curio is based on the skill in cooking (max 5%) and having a magic spatula will double of the chance.

Tailoring curios are grouped in collections of four. They create bows which can be attached (ATTACH command) to articles of clothing. Every bow attached to an article of clothing will raise the prestige of that article of clothing (except red bows will lower the prestige). Note: if you give a piece of clothing with one of your bows attached, the bow will eventually return to its owner's inventory. If you have an entire collection of bows, you will receive an influence bonus according to the collection:

Red Bows 	3/10 Charity
Orange Bows 	3/10 Paranoia
Yellow Bows 	3/10 Weaken
Green Bows 	3/10 Empower
Blue Bows 	3/10 Seduction
Indigo Bows 	3/10 Village Influence
Violet Bows 	3/10 Diplomacy 

Tailors have a chance of receiving a bow curio piece the first time they sew an article of clothing each Lusternian day. The chance is ONLY on the FIRST item sewn that day and not subsequent attempts. The chance of finding a curio is based on the skill in tailoring (max 5%) and having artifact shears will double the chance.

Jewellery curios are grouped in collections of four. They create jewels which can be attached (ATTACH command) to enchantable items. Every jewel attached to an item will raise the max number of enchantments by 10. Note you can only place jewellery curios of the same collection on an item and cannot have two of the same type of curios on an item. If you happen to have all 4 curios of a collection on that item, that item will be able to cast a unique spell (as well as the spell enchanted on it). Casting that spell will use an enchantment charge off of the item. There are also six collections:

Materialization Collection 
  o Syntax: JEWELS CAST <item> MATERIALIZE <direction>
  o Causes you to appear in that direction with much fanfare!

Dematerialization Collection 
  o Syntax: JEWELS CAST <item> DEMATERIALIZE <direction>
  o Causes you to disappear from that direction in style!

Catsluck Collection
  o Syntax: JEWELS CAST <item> CATSLUCK
  o Gives you luck of the cat which increases your chance of critical hits 

Unseen Collection
  o Syntax: JEWELS CAST <item> UNSEEN
  o Makes you invisible to denizens for 30 seconds (but not guards)

Braveheart Collection 
  o Gives fear resistance

Whiplash Collection 
  o Syntax: JEWELS CAST <item> WHIPLASH <target>
  o On the next movement, the target will lose balance

Jewellers have a chance of receiving a jewellery curio piece the first time they cut a cluster of gems each Lusternian day.  The chance is ONLY on the FIRST item gem cut that day and not subsequent attempts. The chance of finding a curio is based on the skill in jewellery (max 5%) and having jewellery hammers will double of the chance.

Trade Curios

Spectral trade related curios can be bought in packages and formed into various spectral items which will help in the performance of your trade while you wield them. The current Spectral Trade curios are:
Cooking Cup             - 15% Chance to double the portions produced.
Tailoring Thimble       - 20% increase till decay time on tailoring items you 
Jewellery Chisel        - 15% Chance to cut twice as many gems.
Forging Tongs           - 20% Chance to not consume mineraloil or power on
Enchantment Focus       - 10% Chance to give freshly enchanted item full
                          charges (instead of standard 1 charge)
Alchemy Beaker          - 10% Chance to get twice as many batches.
Herbs Hoe               - 10% Chance to discover another herb when you are 
Poisons Funnel          - 10 extra doses per extraction
Artisan Measuring Tape  - 50% reduction in power cost to package items.
Bookbinding Stylus      - 15% Chance to produce twice as much vellum/letters
Tattoos Needle          - Tattoos are inked 20% faster.

These adorably cute kittens, puppies and birds are not just here for your affection, but they are useful too! Collect them all and fuse them into a mighty form. See HELP PETCURIOS for detailed information.

Mysterious artifacts that give a hint into the life of an ancient race. The current racial curios are the Sileni and Nagasith collections.
The Sileni and Nagasith collections include the following:
+ A curio which grants lore visions regarding the history of these two
+ A curio mask granting the appearance of these races.
+ A curio teleportation leading you to the home area of each race
(Hifarae for Sileni, Muhalanesh for Nagasith).
+ A curio which you can CURIO ACTIVATE to gain a special mask for your
tells. (This can be disabled by activating it again).
As well, the full collection can be activated to grant you the race for
an in-game year. As your link to the race will be tenuous, this cannot
be kept up for longer, though you can refresh it after the
aforementioned year at will. You can read more about these races using