CLOTHING - Lusternia Online Help


Clothing is created by adventurers who have chosen the tailoring craft skill. 
Though not particularly useful in physical combat, the prestige offered by 
expensive and well-made ensembles increases your strength during ego battles. 
(The exception being begging, in which case the less prestigious the clothes, 
the more effective the ego battle.)

To put on (wear) clothing, simply type WEAR <clothing>.
To take off (remove) clothing, type REMOVE <clothing>.

Be aware that each item of clothing is worn over a particular part of the body,
with different parts of the body limiting how many articles of clothing may be
worn. For instance, you can only wear one shirt, but you can wear many rings. 
Also, some clothes (like underwear) must put on before other articles of 
clothing, so you cannot, for example, wear a brassiere over a coat. Similarly, 
when a piece of clothing is worn under another piece of clothing, it cannot be 
removed until the latter is taken off first. Note that your prestige from 
clothes only counts for those items that are seen (thus, the expensive dress 
will not count to your prestige if completely covered by a cloak--indeed, it 
won't even be seen).