CLIENTS - Lusternia Online Help


A client is a program you run on your computer that allows you to play
Lusternia. While it is possible to connect using a basic TELNET client, programs designed specifically for MUDs can provide many extra useful (and, some might say, necessary) features for getting the fullest possible experience playing Lusternia.

The Iron Realms HTML5 Client ( is Lusternia's officially supported client, and is the suggested client for new players. This client requires absolutely no downloads or installation, as it runs entirely within the browser. It features a built-in clickable map; status indicators; inventory, skill, quest, and other helpful windows for accessing game information at a glance; and a scripting interface supporting aliases, triggers, and more. Further, It also supports the MXP protocol, which allows some interaction with the game via a point-and-click interface. This client is under continual development and is therefore receiving regular updates and improvements.

It is also possible to install a third-party MUD client on your local machine, and connect to Lusternia that way. When setting up a third-party client, use the host name, and port 23 or 2003. A few popular third-party clients  that include:

CMUD       (
Mudlet     (
MUSHClient (