CHOOSING A GUILD - Lusternia Online Help


 HELP <guildname>, HELP GUILDNOVICES <guild>, and TOPGUILDS)

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that a guild is a collection of skills.
A guild is a group of people who will control many aspects of your life in
Lusternia for a long time. It is also a political faction within a city or 
commune and thus not being in a guild disenfranchises you from part of 
your city or commune's political process. If you can't get along with 
them, then think very carefully about joining.

Selecting a guild is probably the most important choice you'll make
throughout all of your days in Lusternia. Make it wisely. Get to know the
other members of this guild, at least by reputation. Ask around. 

It doesn't HURT to know a little about how the skills of a particular
guild work, or what they are based on, but this is secondary to the
people. Plus many of the guild skills in our realms are carefully guarded
secrets, which means you will find few who are willing to tell you much.

A great way to see a bit more about the people who run a particular guild,
and to see what it actually takes to rise in rank in that group -
HELP GUILDNOVICES <guild>. This is a document written by the leadership
of each guild and can reveal a great deal about how they think, and how
hard (or easy) it is to get ahead in the guild.

Beyond that, meet the members. Talk to them. Ask about them. See what
sort of reputation they have. Look for their names in the Lusternian combat
rankings. See if they are helpful and responsive, or reclusive and 

Guilds are a great way to get ahead in Lusternia. In fact, they are pretty
much the only way. Can you survive and prosper in Lusternia without ever
joining a guild? Survive: maybe. Prosper: definitely not. How often people
tell us "I am independent, I don't need a guild." Maybe in some other
realms that is true, but not here! In Lusternia, the world and its
organisations are populated and run by the inhabitants. The guilds
are the keepers of all advanced skills, and to them you must go. Just be
careful how you choose.

 HELP <guildname>, HELP GUILDNOVICES <guild>, and TOPGUILDS)