CHARUNE, THE HORNED ONE - Lusternia Online Help


The Elder God Charune is known as the Lord of the Hunt, the Sacrificial 
Deer, the Horned One. His domain stretches across Lusternia in the form 
of all the wild beasts of the hunt. The deer, the antelope, all things that 
run on the land eluding their predators are His creations. His greatest 
creation is the collective soul of all stags, the White Hart. 

He holds a very genuine dislike of the cities, viewing them as paved roads 
and stone buildings that only serve to distance one's self from the natural 
world. Of those who live in the cities, he harbours a finite amount of 
respect for the Aquamancers and Geomancers, those that have mastered the 
waters and the earth. 

His symbol is that of the Stag and Archer, symbolising the hunted and the