BUILDER PROJECTS - Lusternia Online Help


If you have been chosen to be a mortal builder, you will be assigned 
projects by the Administration. To view projects, you will have the 
BuildStat commands available to you:

This shows how many rooms you have finalized (i.e., approved by the 
project leader and credits awarded) and your mortal builder level. There 
are three levels for mortal builders: Apprentice, Journeyman (100+ rooms), 
and Architect (250+ rooms).

Then, you will get a list of projects assigned to you. "ALL" will list 
every project you have ever been assigned, whether pending, awarded or 
approved. Otherwise, it will list only those projects pending. 

This will show the specifics of a project, including who the project 
leader is, what rooms are assigned, the status of the project, etc. You 
will only be avaible to view projects assigned to you.

When a project is complete, you can submit it for approval.

If you submit a project by mistake or decide you want to work on it a 
bit more, you can recall it so it won't be up to be reviewed.

Status and Special Projects
Generally, projects will have a project leader, an area assigned, a list 
of rooms to complete, and a description. 

The status will either be: 
  (1) Pending   - A project you are currently working on.
  (2) Submitted - You submit the project for approval.
  (3) Approved  - The project leader has approved it as complete.
  (4) Awarded   - The project is final and credits awarded.

Most projects will be area projects, but there is a chance you may be 
assigned a 'special' project which does not involve rooms. In this case, a 
room 'weight' will be attached to the project.