BOOKS - Lusternia Online Help

16.2 BOOKS

Books are created by bookbinders. If you own a book (including the journal you 
received through the Portal of Fate), you may write whatever you like, 
including records of your journeys in the land, notes about the flora and 
fauna you discover, poetry, or whatever you please. A personal book may only 
be written in by the owner of it.

TITLE <book> <title>
  o Gives your book a title.
BOOKMARK <book> PAGE <whatever> 
  o Place the book's bookmark on whatever page you wish. Doing so will cause 
    the READ and WRITE commands to operate on that page, if no specific page 
    number is specified.
READ <book> PAGE <whatever>
  o Read page <whatever> in <book>. If you omit the PAGE <whatever>, then it 
    will read, by default, the page that the bookmark is on. 

  o Sealing a book will prevent it from being copied or translated. 

WRITE <book> AT <desk> ON PAGE <page #>
  o You must be sitting on a chair in a room with a desk to write. If you omit 
    the ON PAGE <whatever>, then it will write, by default, the page that the 
    bookmark is on. 

Bookbinders may also also create organizational books, which only certain 
members of organizations can write upon, as follows:

GUILDS - The Guild Administrator or Guild Archivists whom are appointed by the 
Guild Administrator.

CITIES/COMMUNES - The Librarian or Assistant Librarians.

CLANS - The clan leader or those who have been appointed a position that has 
'Clan Recorder' rights.

ORDERS - Those whom the patron god or goddess has invested the position of 
Chronicler of the Order.

Highly trained Bookbinders are also schooled to be the Scribes of the Basin. A 
professional scribe can translate books into various racial language (readable 
only by certain races), rewrite a book in enchanted script so that only 
members of a specific organization may read it, or even (at the highest level) 
translate a book into divine script which is only readable by the gods or 
those few Scribes who have mastered such a complex script.

Syntax: EDITOR <book> <editor|NONE>

As it is always hard to spot mistakes in your own work, writers can have an 
editor. An editor is someone assigned by a writer to go over their book and 
correct any mistakes the writer might have left. When you assign someone to be 
an editor for one of your written works, he or she will have the ability to 
write in your books. Assigning "none" will remove the editor.