BLOODBOND - Lusternia Online Help



  o BLOODBOND WITH <person>  - forms a bloodbond
  o BLOODBOND BREAK          - breaks a bloodbond

An alternative method of forming families requires two siblings rather than a
married couple. First, they must form a bloodbond and recognize each other as 
potential siblings. Similar to considering parents, bloodbond siblings must
consider each other as their memories are fogged by the Portal of Fate.

There are several requirements before being able to be bloodbonded.

  - Each sibling must be level 30 or above.
  - Each sibling must have 75 hours of playing time.
  - Neither can have parents or be considering parents. (See HELP FAMILY)
  - Neither can be married or engaged.
  - Neither can be active in a family.
Once bloodbonded with another, the siblings have a minimum of 24 months to
consider whether this is a true bloodbond. No other relationship can be entered
during this time of intense examination, such as an engagement or considering 
parents. Either of them may break the bloodbond at any time.

If after 24 months, they feel that they are truly siblings, the bloodbonded may
then found a family together in exactly the same manner as a married couple.
Once the family is founded, the siblings are then free to marry and have
children as members of their family. Both siblings are considered founders of
the family.

NOTE: You may bloodbond with another if the other founder of your current family has been inactive for 90 days.