BATTLECHESS - Lusternia Online Help


The favoured game of the Gods, battlechess is a chess game in which the
pieces are actual players - pitted in deadly combat against one another.

Battlechess is an arena event in which a game of chess is played, but
players can become the pieces. Battlechess can be played in any arena in
which it has been purchased, and must be player-initialized in the form
of a challenge and acceptance (BC CHALLENGE, ACCEPT). Before the game
has started, additional players can join the game with BC JOIN <king>.

Battlechess does not obey all the rules of regular chess. If a mob piece
is moved to attack another mob piece, the attacking mob piece always
wins. For cases of mob vs player or player vs player, a time limit of
three minutes is imposed and after it expires, the attacking piece will
win. During that time, no moving takes place and the game is locked on
the fight. Additionally, you cannot castle in battlechess.

During the game, everyone on the chessboard can communicate using
CHESSCHAT. Those on the same team can talk using TEAM.

Like regular chess, in Battlechess, pawns who reach the opposite side
will earn a promotion. They will be able to move like a queen piece, and
mob pawns who reach this state will be more powerful as well.

For a full list of commands relating to battlechess, use BATTLECHESS