AUSEKLIS, OLD MAN OF THE WOODS - Lusternia Online Help


To the aslarans, He is the Old Man of the Woods. To the igasho, the First 
Wanderer. The elfen know Him as the Master of the Wild; to the fae He is 
simply Father. These names illustrate the many aspects of the God known to 
all others as Auseklis. His interests are vast and varied, but include 
exploration and travel, the wilderness, and all wild creatures. His 
personality has been known to quickly change from friendly to grumpy, from 
humorous to angry, from quiet to boisterous. The only emotions that seem 
to stay constant are His hatred of cities - which He views as tumours on 
the landscape - and His love of all things natural. 

His symbol is a four-pointed star, marking both the four directions of 
the compass and the star-lit skies that cover the wilderness.