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The science of astrology revolves upon the movement of the celestial bodies.
Notably, the science was in the caretaking of Hallifax lucidians, who named 
the outer planets in their own tongue. Knowledge of astrology was lost for 
some time after the Taint Wars, though it was recovered and taught to wiccan 
and guardian guilds. Most people know their sun sign, which is based as

     Volcano         15 Kiani - 14 Dioni  
     Antlers         15 Dioni - 14 Vestian  
     Twin Crystals   15 Vestian - 14 Avechary  
     Dolphin         15 Avechary - 14 Dvarsh  
     Lion            15 Dvarsh - 14 Tzarin  
     Crocodile       15 Tzarin - 14 Klangiary  
     Burning Censer  15 Klangiary - 14 Juliary  
     Spider          15 Juliary - 14 Shanthin  
     Dragon          15 Shanthin - 14 Roarkian  
     Skull           15 Roarkian - 14 Estar  
     Bumblebee       15 Estar - 14 Urlachmar  
     Glacier         15 Urlachmar - 14 Kiani  

The celestial bodies include: Sun, Moon, Eroee, Sidiak, Tarox, Papaxi and

For the true astrologer, however, the science of astrology is extremely
complex, and not for everybody. It involves harnessing the powers of the 
planets and signs, according to their daily aspects, in the form of rays 
and spheres. Thus, the power of astrologers waxes and wanes accordingly. 
Every city and commune also falls under one of the signs, and the astrologers 
benefit from the flowing powers related to the nexus they are connected to.