Guild leaders, upon taking office, will each receive an artifact of which they will be the caretaker for the duration of their time holding their seat. These artifacts remain under the control of their guilds and will be passed down from leader to leader as they come and go.


The Guildmaster will gain an artifact which allows them to perform guild rites when 5 or more members of the guild (plus the guildmaster) are present in the location, each person in attendance will gain experience (increasing further with each additional person present).



The Guild Administrator will gain an artifact ledger granting them abilities which allow them to interact further with novices of the guild.

Syntax: GUILD LEDGER FIND <novice>
        GUILD LEDGER SUMMON <novice>
        GUILD LEDGER TELEPORT <novice>

NOTE: Further syntaxes not pertaining to novices can be found in GUILD PRIVS
      if you are an Administrator.


The Guild Champion artifact assists in rescuing guild members in trouble. Each artifact has this power, which will switch places with the guildmember and Champion. Depending on the guild, each artifact also has a further power.

  Guardians and Wiccans:
    Touching these artifacts will summon forth a powerful companion to aide the

  Mages and Druids:
    The damage dealt out by those bearing these artifacts is substantially
    greater than normal. They also boost the Champion's affinity to their
    terrain, reducing the time taken to meld by half.

    These helms will grant a slight increase in damage dealt by the Champion's

    The length of the Champion's songs will increase when wearing these
    artifacts. Damage caused by their instruments is also higher than normal.

    The precision of the Champion's weapons will be increased by virtue of
    owning this artifact.

NOTE: Rescue will not work if the guildmember to be rescued is in enemy territory.

Syntax: RESCUE <guild member>
        TOUCH <artifact> (Guardian/Wiccan champions only)

Guild Artifacts for Celest:
 - Celestines:
   + Guildmaster:             the Sceptre of Elohora's Light.
   + Administrator:           the Chronicles of Justice.
   + Champion:                the Holy Orb of Celestial Light.

 - Aquamancers:
   + Guildmaster:             the Medallion of Azure Waves.
   + Administrator:           the Tome of the White Sands.
   + Champion:                the Shell Necklace of Eternal Tides.

 - Paladins:
   + Guildmaster:             the Rod of Celestial Might.
   + Administrator:           the Ledger of the Holy Knights.
   + Champion:                the Blessed Helm of the Supernals.

 - Cantors:
   + Guildmaster:             the Baton of the Angelic Choir.
   + Administrator:           the Ledger of Mellifluous Melodies.
   + Champion:                the Celestial Bracers of Rhapsody.

 - Tahtetso:
   + Guildmaster:             the Circlet of Sila.
   + Administrator:           the Chronicles of Lumosis.
   + Champion:                the Sash of the Sati.

Guild Artifacts for Gaudiguch:
 - Illuminati:
   + Guildmaster:             the Golden Sceptre of Enlightened Pursuits.
   + Administrator:           the Tome of Veiled Paradigms.
   + Champion:                the Shifting Orb of Illumination.

 - Pyromancers:
   + Guildmaster:             the Medallion of the High Flame.
   + Administrator:           the Annals of the Five Sacred Flames.
   + Champion:                the Pendant of the Obsidian Flame.

 - Templars:
   + Guildmaster:             the Burning Rod of Temple Mysteries.
   + Administrator:           the Ledger of Guarded Secrets.
   + Champion:                the Grand Helm of the Hidden Flame.

 - Minstrels:
   + Guildmaster:             the Baton of Burning Revelries
   + Administrator:           the Guestbook of Forgotten Festivals
   + Champion:                the Riotous Bracers of Gullagumbah

Guild Artifacts for Glomdoring:
 - Shadowdancers:
   + Guildmaster:             the Crown of the Conquering Darkness.
   + Administrator:           the Shadow Archives.
   + Champion:                the Ebon Orb of Darkness.

 - Blacktalon:
   + Guildmaster:             the Black Circlet of Crow.
   + Administrator:           the Docets of Crow.
   + Champion:                the Feathered Torc of Crow's Guile.

 - Ebonguard:
   + Guildmaster:             the Rod of the Wyrdling Way.
   + Administrator:           the Wyrm Logs.
   + Champion:                the Master's Helm of the Bloodhunt.

 - Harbingers:
   + Guildmaster:             the Baton of the Dark Heart.
   + Administrator:           the Tablature of Wyrden Song.
   + Champion:                the Ebony Bracers of Mahalla.

 - Nekotai:
   + Guildmaster:             the Medallion of a Thousand Stings.
   + Administrator:           the Chronicles of nightmares.
   + Champion:                the Venomous Sash of Sorrow.

Guild Artifacts for Hallifax:
 - Institute:
   + Guildmaster:             the Sceptre of Temporal Alteration.
   + Administrator:           the Chronicles of Time.
   + Champion:                the Crystal Orb of Temporal Confinement.

 - Aeromancers:
   + Guildmaster:             the Medallion of the Four Winds.
   + Administrator:           the Aeromantic Command Logs.
   + Champion:                the Pendant of the Lightning Command.

 - Sentinels:
   + Guildmaster:             the Rod of Collectivist Servitude.
   + Administrator:           the Ledger of the First Chief Directorate.
   + Champion:                the Morion Helmet of the Temporal Commissar.

 - Symphonium:
   + Guildmaster:             the Diamond Baton of the Sublime Opus
   + Administrator:           the Sapphire Ledger of the Crystal Choir
   + Champion:                the Ruby Bracers of Crys

Guild Artifacts for Magnagora:
 - Nihilists:
   + Guildmaster:             the Damned Sceptre of the Ravenous Beast.
   + Administrator:           the Chronicles of the Damned.
   + Champion:                the Mighty Orb of Utter Damnation.

 - Geomancers:
   + Guildmaster:             the Tainted Medallion of Madness.
   + Administrator:           the Stone Archives.
   + Champion:                the Tainted Necklace of Earthen Strength.

 - ur'Guard:
   + Guildmaster:             the Black Rod of Damnation.
   + Administrator:           the Logbook of Cruel Trials.
   + Champion:                the Bone Helm of Urlach.

 - Cacophony:
   + Guildmaster:             the Baton of Screaming Desires.
   + Administrator:           the Ledger of Howling Pain.
   + Champion:                the Twisted Bracers of Jagrerox.

 - Ninjakari:
   + Guildmaster:             the Malign Fang of Deception.
   + Administrator:           the Tome of Abomination.
   + Champion:                the Twisted Sash of Nightmares.

Guild Artifacts for Serenwilde:
 - Moondancers:
   + Guildmaster:             the Silver Crown of Ellindel.
   + Administrator:           the Archives of the Moon.
   + Champion:                the Silver Orb of Ellindel.

 - Hartstone:
   + Guildmaster:             the Hartstone Circlet.
   + Administrator:           the Annals of White Hart.
   + Champion:                the Sacred Torc of Hart's Renewal.

 - Serenguard:
   + Guildmaster:             the Living Rod of Hart and Moon.
   + Administrator:           the Logs of the Seren.
   + Champion:                the Horned Helm of the Moonhart.

 - Spiritsingers:
   + Guildmaster:             the Baton of the Emerald Songs.
   + Administrator:           the Ledger of the Spirits.
   + Champion:                the Argentine Bracers of Trialante.

 - Shofangi:
   + Guildmaster:             the Medallion of Many Eyes.
   + Administrator:           the Logs of the Shofangi.
   + Champion:                the Emerald Sash of Harmony.