AETHERSPACE COMMERCE - Lusternia Online Help


When aether creatures die, they leave behind traces of glaetherial dust.
Aetherships that are equipped with an aetherhold can collect glaetherial dust
by a qualified pilot. One aetherhold can hold up to 50 tons. Ships can have
unlimited holds (though only one hold per room). Glaetherial dust quickly
decays while in the aetherhold. Glaetherial dust can only be used to trade with
the gnome merchants. An implosion will destroy the hold and release any
gathered glaetherial dust into aetherspace. 

Gnome merchants travel the aetherways in trade ships and can be found
throughout aetherspace. These gnome merchants will trade special commodities
for glaetherial dust. These commodities have absolutely no use to anyone except
gnomes and are stored in aetherholds. Gnome merchants will then in turn
purchase these commodities for gold. Different merchant ships will buy these
commodities at different prices, so it is possible to find lucrative trades by 
transporting commodities among the different gnome merchants. 

Gnome merchant ships generally stick to their own sectors of aetherspace,
though some gnome merchants travel more widely than others. Experienced
aetherspace travellers will come to know what locations to find these
merchants. There is always a gnome merchant ship that keeps close to the Gnome
Facility, a commonly known aetherbubble.

NOTE: It is not possible to attack gnome merchant ships.

Gnome merchants sell a limited number of Auronispheres (a marvel of gnomish
engineering, they claim!), but only in exchange for auronidion particles.

See HELP AURONIDION PARTICLES for more information on Auronispheres.