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4.2 Your Personal Description

Your personal description is something that you have a great amount of control over. Using the DESCRIBE SELF command, you can set your description. Your description will by default tell people what sex you are and what race and statpack you are, as well as what you are wearing.

Your description will look like:
He/She is a <your race and statpack>. <Whatever you set your description to>.                                                                    

For instance, let's say that Siranae, an athletic Norrjin human, had set her description to "She is a large, burly, and exceptionally hairy person." Those examining her would see: She is an athletic Norrjin. She is a large, burly, and exceptionally hairy person.                      

Please use good taste when writing your description. Further, please remember that adding clothes to your description will look silly, as they may contradict with what you are, in reality, wearing.