THE WYTCHEN - Imperian Online Help


Around 165 AA, a young Noctusari, Valencia Pyralis, stumbled upon new   
aspects of magickal enslavement. Using a type of doll sewn in the image 
of her subject, she began to develop her newfound power into what would 
become known as Vodun. While many were afraid of her discovery, a small 
group chose to follow Valencia when she branched off from the Noctusari,
leaving the city of Stavenn to venture into the wilderness in hopes of
furthering her studies.                                                 

Eventually, several rogue magick users could be found in many of the    
small villages. It was not until the first demon invasion occured, and  
their homes were threatened, that they banded together to form a group  
that came to be called the Wytchen. Together they saved countless lives,
but fearing possible extinction, they moved deeper into the wilderness  
to Renfrewshire Swamp where they built a mystical fortress that was     
designed to potentially allow a small group of the mortal races to      
survive even if the demons overran the world.                           

For decades, the Coterie, was based on neutrality, a neutrality that 
would later be used against them by the majority of the world, based on 
their tolerance of demonology. Eventually growing tired of the betrayals and 
abuse, the Wytchen tried joining the city of Stavenn to better defend their 
goals and those of the Empire. Unfortunately during this time, unrest within 
the Wytchen regarding leadership led to a separation of the Coterie, and the 
forming of the Limorasi. With this, the remaining Wytchen returned to their 
fortress within the Renfrewshire Swamp. Once again alone, and now being 
pushed to extinction by self proclaimed Wytchhunters, the Wytchen strive to 
stand strong and rebuild what they once had.

Using the arts of Runelore, Curses and Shamanism, the Wytchen have also
studied the Spirits in an effort to accomplish their goals. Runelore    
grants them the ability to strengthen and fortify both themselves and   
their allies through sketching runes upon their bodies or on totems for 
a broader defense. Curses and Shamanism allow them to act as mercenaries as
they draw upon the illwill of those opposed to them, oft times able to  
destroy an unprepared adversary outright.