Woodcrafting Approval Rules - Imperian Online Help

20.4.3 Woodcrafting Approval Rules

The rules governing woodcraft are fairly simple, and similar to those
governing tailoring and jewelry.

I. Woodcrafted items must be made of wood, and the wood must be "real" -
it cannot be "blackwood" or "bluewood". 

II. Practically none of the items made using this trade-skill can be
worn, but furniture poses its own unique difficulties. Describe your
item, not the room your item is intended to furnish. For example, "A
blue sofa sits in the middle of this lovely library" as a dropped
description would be rejected.

Exception: Some exception can be made for "custom" furniture. If you're
making a table for a guildhall, for example, designating it as a custom
piece will give you some leeway to let the furniture conform to any
unique properties in that room.

III. Words cannot be carved or inlaid in the item within the examined
description, and some items cannot be inlaid at all. For items that are
able to be inlaid with words, you must use the Inlay ability granted to
transcendent Woodcrafters. Note that the engraving or inlay may be
described, if not written in the description. You can note its
placement, styling, material, and any other descriptor.
Exception: One or two initials or the maker's mark within the

IV. Do not assume the reaction of someone viewing or using your
particular crafted item. A statuette of a demon might not "strike fear"
into the heart of a seasoned warrior.

V. Vials and other woodcrafted items that hold things cannot be
described as if they are currently filled with an item.