WEAPONRY - Imperian Online Help


Weaponry is a skill that everyone acquires. Although anyone may use any weapon
in Imperian, those untrained in weaponry, and without proficiency in that
weapon, will find it difficult to be effective with it.

Initially, you will have only the ability to learn proficiencies. A proficiency
means that you have mastered a particular type of weapon, e.g. longsword,
broadsword, halberd, whip, mace, etc.

Each weapon has three statistics that are relevant to how well it works (and
these may be seen with the ability WeaponProbe): Damage, To-hit, and Speed. The
higher a weapon's damage, the more damage it is capable of doing. The higher
the to-hit bonus, the easier it is to hit someone with it, and the greater the
Speed, the more quickly you will recover your balance after using it.

When actually hitting someone with a weapon though, there are two other factors
besides the weapon's statistics that matter. First, as was mentioned earlier,
whether or not you are proficient in that weapon. Second, your skill in
weaponry. The higher your weaponry skill, the faster you will hit, the more
damage you will do (up to a certain point), and the more easily you will hit
someone. An opponent, however, will automatically attempt to dodge your blows,
with the success rate dependent on your weaponry skill compared to his evasion

Though there are many ways to use a weapon, ranging from slash, to whip, to
bash, each weapon has only particular methods in which it will be effective.
You CAN, for instance, whip someone with a sword, but you won't have a very
good chance of hitting your target, and you will not do much damage if you do
hit. In order to see the proper commands to use a particular weapon, simply