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In 1467 in the Age of Awakening, a man named Srifat Midbere was lost in the desert after suffering from heatstroke. In his delusions he began to have visions of an army of warriors in gold armour and wielding golden sabres marching through the desert. Not only were they using their swords to attack their enemies but they were able to control their mind power in ways that he did not yet understand.  On the 10th day of the month of Solis, he called together his fellow warriors and founded the guild of Wardancers.

The Wardancers served as Antioch's front line throughout the entire Age of Desperation and until the 84th year of the Age of Mortality. Having made a breakthrough in their fighting style, they combined the former techniques of Wardance, Bladedance, and Shielddance into the new skills of Maiming and Rampage, eschewing some of their dated abilities in the process. In doing so, they have also developed the skill of Warchants, and started calling themselves Berserkers. Since then the Wardancers have opened up their tower to all professions to join, though still maintain the traditions and teachings they have practiced for many centuries