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7.18 Vialbelts

Vialbelts are convenience items meant to reduce the need for multiple vials of each fluid type. They can be filled with up to 3000 sips of each elixir, salve and toxin known to Aetherius. When you use the last sip of any vial that you have a matching vialbelt slot for, the vial will be automatically refilled. You may even milk toxins directly into the vialbelt!

Commands (use VIALBELT or VBELT for a syntax reminder!):
 - VIALBELT SUMMARY [ELIXIRS/SALVES/TOXINS]: List your belts and what's in them.
 - VIALBELT FILL <belt> FROM <container>: Use this to fill your vialbelt from a container. When refilling from a flask in a shop, use the same syntax that you would for filling a vial.
 - VIALBELT TAP <vial> <slot>: Fill a vial for the first time.
 - VIALBELT PURGE <belt> <slot/all>: Empty a slot on your belt. Be careful!
 - VIALBELT TRANSFER <slot/all> FROM <from> TO <to>: Transfer one or more slots from one belt to another.

 - REFILL <belt> FROM <flask> : Allows you to refill a vialbelt from a flask.