USING ISSUES - Imperian Online Help


Please begin with HELP ISSUES.

OOC - 'Out of Character.'
IC  - 'In Character.'


Do keep in mind that the Administration usually has a large list of issues to
deal with, as well as customer support emails and various other tasks. We
have a very efficient and organised system for dealing with your queries and
problems. Please grant them your patience and politeness at all times. They
exist to make your game a better one. Here are a few points you must keep in
mind when filing issues.

1  - Issues are 100% OOC, which stands for 'Out Of Character'. This means that
when you file or reply to an issue, you are talking as yourself. You are not
roleplaying your character anymore. If Administration finds an issue to be IC,
it will be removed and deemed unresolvable. It is therefore in your best
interests to ensure you are writing with clarity, a clear head, and OOC.

2  - If you file an issue with another player regarding PK that you 
haven't really tried to resolve for yourself IC first, then you are likely to 
be told as much. Valid IC resolutions can be: hiring an assassin, getting 
together a group of your guild or city members to hunt the person you have an 
issue with, or attempting to use diplomatic channels. Please note: this is not 
an all-inclusive list. Try and be creative and solve your issues yourself 
instead of dumping them on the Administration's lap. 

  ***  When you file an issue regarding roleplay, to avoid it being  ***
  *** removed immediately, state precisely what IC attempts you have ***
  ***   made to resolve the problem, and why they did not succeed.   ***

3  - Please keep your emotions out of issues as best you can. It's hard! 
However, the Administrators have seen it all before (the crying, the fighting, 
the ..and so on). It is likely to be detrimental to the outcome of your issue 
if you do not appear completely logical and rational about your problem.

4  - Bear in mind that when you file an issue, you are asking Administration to
deal with it. They approach each issue with absolute fairness. This means that
sometimes, you can find yourself on the wrong end of the outcome, if you have
not followed their rules. This also means, more importantly, that you have
placed the problem in their hands. You no longer have the right to deal with
the problem for yourself. This includes all PK methods of retribution, such as
hiring assassins. You can, however, remember what happened. This means you are
allowed to talk to other people about it.

5  - If someone has created a problem large enough for several people to be
affected by it, do your best to discuss it among yourselves before bringing it
to the Administration. An example of this is finding nine people issue one
person for exactly the same thing. This does not, in fact, assist your case.
Equally, getting your friends to support your issue by filing similar ones of
their own will result in your original issue being removed. It is a waste of
everyone's time to find nine issues from nine people that are exactly alike, 
and is likely to result in Administrative anger.

6  - Do not issue on behalf of another. An issue is a big step in a problems
importance, and this step must be made by the people involved directly. Issues
which are preemptive or referential will be removed, as they simply cannot be
qualified fairly.

7  - Remember - when writing an issue you are writing to Administration, and
NOT to the other player. Likewise, a reply to an issue is written to the 
Administration, and not the person who issued you.

8  - Most single death issues will not be investigated as a master of course,
and they are likely to be dismissed should they be reported. This policy exists
because the Administration has determined that a single kill can lead to 
excellent roleplay possibilities (see point #2 above). Issues should generally
be reserved only for situations in which you have exhausted all roleplay
for handling the issue yourself. However, this is not a license for one player
to kill everyone once and be exempt. Should a player engage in this type of
disruptive behavior, the offending party will be dealt with accordingly.

*** Double check your issue before you file it. Does it follow the above
guidelines? ***