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17.30 Treasure Hunts

Some dastardly golems have appeared from nowhere and have scattered across the lands, leaving pieces of themselves behind. Those pieces still hold great power and can allow you to summon helpful golems of your own when combined.

Every hour, you will be able to search for a new treasure piece. As you search for the golem part, you may look for clues to indicate how much closer or farther you have moved from your treasure location.


  - See a clue about the location of your treasure. If this is the first time viewing a clue about this particular piece, you will be given information about how roughly far from you the piece will be found. Then, any subsequent clues will tell you if you are closer or farther than the most recent clue. Think of it as a hot/cold type game. As you move towards the treasure piece, you will get "hotter", and as you move away from it, you will get "colder".
  - You may only view a treasure hunt clue every 6 seconds.

  - If you think you are in the room where your treasure will be found, this command will let you search for it. You can only search for treasure every 15 seconds.

Treasure Hunt Clues
When you first start searching for a particular piece, the first clue will tell you roughly how far you are from the treasure.

75+ - You sense that you are about as far away as possible as you can be from your treasure.
50+ - You sense that you have a ways to go before you will even get close to your treasure.
40+ - You have quite a bit of a trek before you will be able to find your treasure.
35+ - Your treasure is still far, far away.
30+ - You might be able to see your treasure from here. With a spyglass.
25+ - Neither near nor far, your treasure is on the horizon.
20+ - Keep searching, your treasure awaits.
15+ - You see a few traces to indicate that your treasure is fairly close.
10+ - Just a little bit of searching in the nearby surroundings should reveal your treasure.
5+  - What luck! Your treasure is nigh.
<5  - You are blessed! Your treasure is very close.

Any subsequent clue attempts will inform you if you are closer or farther from the treasure piece than you were at your previous clue location, as well as give you an idea of how much closer or farther you are.

More than 5 rooms farther away:
 You're going in the wrong direction! Your treasure is back that way.

More than 4 rooms farther away:
 Turn back around before you get even farther away from the treasure.

More than 3 rooms farther away:
 Either your treasure is walking away from you or you're walking way from it. Either way, you're not getting any closer.

More than 2 rooms farther away:
 You're only a few steps off of the path. Go back the way you came.

More than 1 room farther away:
 Did you stumble off the path? The treasure isn't this way.

1 room farther away:
 You twitched just a little bit in the wrong direction.

Exactly equidistance as you were previously:
 Neither closer, nor farther. Keep searching!

1 room closer:
 You sense that your treasure is getting closer, slowly but surely.

2 rooms closer:
 You're heading in the right direction now.

3 rooms closer:
 Closer, closer, ever closer. The treasure will be yours soon.

4 or more rooms closer:
 Racing towards the treasure at breakneck speeds, you'll have it in no time!

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