Towne Fear - Imperian Online Help

10.11.9 Towne Fear

If a towne lacks guards, the townespeople will start fearing for their safety, which will have negative impact on the production of raw materials. A presence of hostile players within the towne increases this effect.

The command TOWNE FEAR will tell you the current feeling of the townespeople of a towne. This will present the fear of any towne you are a citizen of, as well as any towne within which you currently stand.

Fear negatively affects production - the more fear a towne feels, the lower their production will be. Fear is reduced by presence of towne guards within the towne, and increased by their absence, as well as by presence of hostile players within the towne. Anyone of a different circle than the towne, and anyone who is a towne enemy, is considered hostile. Changes to towne fear occur over time.

If high fear is currently having an impact on commodity production, this will be noted in TOWNE MAT SUMMARY (as well as CITY MAT SUMMARY <towne>, usable by those with the trade citypower).