THE WARDENS - Imperian Online Help


We are the knights of the road. We are the vagabond kings. Where falls a leaf
there falls our footstep. Where is cast a shadow, there we have rested in the

A Warden is a wanderer, a wayfarer. He is an explorer, a sojourner. Fiercely
proud and loyal to his brothers, he is a member of a fraternal order of
trackers and rangers. Sunken into the northern reaches of the Ithaqua, the
Black Keep houses the scholarship and warrior's skills of the Warden. There
they train in the frozen pines, practicing with glaive and bow, with wood and
tinder, to hone the art of the woodsman.

Magick is forbidden to them, they rely on themselves and on the land, and on 
each other. The Ithaqua forest has raised them, and they have seen the fires 
of the land scourge their home, set free from magick's mercurial and 
unpredictable nature.

The Wardens were founded in modern history by Harker, learning the once
forgotten skills from the Wendigo, spirit of the Ithaqua. The Wendigo called
for aid to the wood, when rifts in the world were freeing demons into the
wilds. The Wardens, once a strong force against such beasts, were needed and
had been lost. Harker heard the call and answered, and bore an ancient weapon
to seal the hellish rifts. Having done so, he was charged with the formation of
the Wardens.

That is what we ward. The world itself.

The Wardens were founded on the 25th day of Halitus, in the year 434 AD.