THE WARDANCERS - Imperian Online Help


A glimmer of light in the distant desert is often all one notices of an 
advancing Wardancer. When observing the skillful and precise movement of
a Wardancer practicing his craft, people often forget that they are     
watching a fierce fighter and not a beautiful dancer. This ability to   
cause people to stand jaw dropped in awe is used to their advantage as  
they take over the very minds of their observers.                       

The practice of Wardancing can be traced back to the late 13th century, 
before the Demon Incursions. It is said that as the warriors of Antioch 
would practice their swordsmanship in the surrounding desert they became
enthralled with the lithe, quick movements of the lizards. They began to
imitate the lizards and found that as these movements became second     
nature they were much more capable of controlling their thoughts and    
planning their attacks.                                                 

In 1467 an Antioch Akrabi named Srifat Midbere was practicing his craft 
in the desert when a sudden sand storm blew up. Midbere was buried under
the hot sand for three days. Afflicted with heatstroke he became        
delusional and began to have visions of an army of warriors in gold     
armour and wielding golden sabres marching through the desert. Not only 
were they using their swords to attack their enemies but they were able 
to control their mind power in ways that he did not yet understand.     
Eventually the sands shifted and Midbere was uncovered. He lay          
unconscious in the desert heat until a trader's caravan happened upon   
him. En route to Antioch they took him with. While being nursed back to 
health he began to tell his friends about the visions he'd had. On the  
10th day of the month of Solis, he called together his fellow warriors  
and founded the guild of Wardancers.                                    

Midbere divided his understanding of combat into three disciplines:     
Bladedance, Shielddance and Wardance. Through Bladedance the Wardancers 
command unparalleled control of the one-handed blade. Shielddance       
enables them to use their shields in ways known only to them. While     
their most complex of skills, Wardance, requires grace achieved only    
through many years of practice and enables them to combine their entire 
skillset in ways that often surprise the Gods themselves.

In the year 84 AM, the Wardancers have made a breakthrough in their fighting style, combining the former techniques of Wardance, Bladedance, and Shielddance into the new skills of Maiming and Rampage, eschewing some of their dated abilities in the process. In doing so, they have also developed the skill of Warchants, and started calling themselves Berserkers.