The Summoner Profession - Imperian Online Help

9.4.18 The Summoner Profession

Armour: Scale. Leather limb armor.
Suggested Statpack: Intelligent
Main stat: Intelligence

Balance type: Equilibrium, Balance for Tarot. Mostly non-comboable, though there are a few exceptions to that rule, like Tarot+Devolve.

Skillsets: Noctu - The knowledge of alteration of someone's very soul via nearly surgical manipulation of a subject's aura. This is your primary offensive and defensive skillset.

Tarot - The ability to etch an image onto a card and then FLING it at a target. This is your support skillset. Among many others, Tarot gives the user the ability to heal and destroy.

Enslavery - This is your secondary offensive skillset. Knowledge of the Demon Lords has given the user the ability to call them forth, and bind them to their will, enabling the user to summon a variety of loyal entities, the representatives of those selfsame Demons conquered by the will of the Summoner.

Combat Focus: Afflictions AND/OR Damage. The faster your balance, the better able you are to utilize tarot and thus control your enemies. Mental afflictions for the faster, Tarot inclined summoners, can yield a kill with Enlightenment, by revealing the universe at a fundamental level to the target, driving them incurably insane. The road more traveled by, is that of damage, wherein a summoner focuses on high intelligence to yield devastating warps and rain down meteors, before sealing the deal with a good solid utterance of the target's true name, granting the summoner the mastery over their opponent required to deal devastating damage and instantaneously afflict with the curse of the Aeon.