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12.7.10 The Seven Lake Basin

The Seven Lake Basin is a great sprawling flatland, dotted with lakes and
hills. Each of the seven lakes is named for its nature. Dwarven Mother, the
largest, is a warm and flat lake, calm and gentle. Slow fat fish play in her
depths, and the waves of the lake soothe the savage heart.  To the south is
Little Brother, a small lake much like his mother, and as calm and relaxing as
she.  The eastern edge of the basin is lined by Harvest Moon Lake, whose waters
shine in the dark, sometimes reflecting the moons above. Far in the south is
Goblinmire Lake, whose foul waters drive off all but the hardiest adventurers.
Selkie Lake, in the midlands of the basin, is green and calm.  Stories of
children lost to the creatures in the waters abound, and many a child goes
missing around Selkie Lake in her season. Oldest, and coldest, is Old Crone
Lake, far in the north of the basin. The waters of Old Crone are choppy and
rough like the sea, and her depths are as cruel.

Children who wander in the Seven Lake basin often go missing. Many a mother in
many a village and city has known the horror of a child swimming, and then
nothing. Who, or what, takes them, is unknown.