The Schelkin - Imperian Online Help

4.3.21 The Schelkin

Scavengers of the sea, crabs infuse their hard shelled forms to soft flesh, granting a layer of coral and seashell protection. Being a smaller race, they are more prepared to face predators, making their acidic spit a weapon against their enemies. Their race had long been lost until Christof discovered their power within an ancestral stone, releasing them into the world.

Racial skills:
- Water regeneration
  Health regeneration while in water.
- Water Breathing
  Can naturally breath underwater.
- Scavenging
  Scavenge for food in cities and on the roads. Syntax: SCAVENGE.
- Acid Spit
  As an innate skill to spit acid at enemies. SPIT ACID AT <player>. Can target enemies in the same or adjacent rooms.

Languages: Common, Aquan, Schelkin