The Predator Profession - Imperian Online Help

9.4.13 The Predator Profession

 ARMOR: Leather
Suggested Statpack: Athletic
MAIN STAT: Strength, though not heavily reliant on it.
BALANCE TYPE: Primarily balance with equilibrium used mainly by Beastmastery abilities.


KNIFEPLAY: This is the primary skillset for the Predator and is recommended to master as soon as possible. It enables you to craft the sitara from the bones of your enemies, which serves as your main weapon. You will find both offensive and defensive abilities, including your finisher Crescentcut. The skillset is used for both PvE and PvP.

PREDATION: A wide variety of abilities can be found in this skillset. It is mainly focused on utility and stealth but you can also find FlingDarts and Twinshot, which will allow you to fling darts and afflict your enemy with toxins. Two unique instant kills can be found towards the end of the skillset in the form of Cirisosis and Hostage. The skillset is used for both PvE and PvP but focus is mainly on PvP.

BEASTMASTERY: By summoning the wolf, hawk, spider and bear, a Predator can utilize them for both travel and combat. The wolf focuses on travel, the hawk on ranged combat and utility, the bear on melee combat, and the spider is used for the more technical setups as well as hindering your enemy. The skillset is used mainly for PvP but with the ability to travel faster it has some use outside PvP as well.

COMBAT FOCUS: The Predator is a profession which focuses on breaking limbs while finishing with high damage. It is however possible to kill through the use of afflictions through the Cirisosis ability, however, this method is not commonly used. High damage will come primarily from Crescentcuts with the alternative to use Quarter against those whom can soak up the damage from Crescentcuts. The spider will aide you in your setup as it enables you to mask your sitara toxin and make Bloodscourge stick longer through the use of Acid. If you want to go the stealthy route you may also use Hostage, which does just what the name suggests. Once you have taken your enemy as hostage you can execute them on the spot.

Artifacts made for this profession:
- Sitaras:
   Deathwind sitara              85     238      216    350 credits
   Spellscourge sitara           89     249      226    800  credits
   Insidian's Bane               93     261      237    1600  credits
- Dartsheaths
  - These dartsheaths will increase the base accuracy and speed of darts. Base accuracy is then subject to a number of modifiers based on the status of the attacker and the target.
Stealth dartsheath: 200  credits (Raises speed by 8%, accuracy by 10%)
Icewyrm dartsheath: 400  credits (Raises speed by 15%, accuracy by 18%)
Phantom's Haste     800  credits (Raises speed by 22%, accuracy by 25%)