THE NOCTUSARI - Imperian Online Help


At the moment of the Great Awakening, the Noctusari were nothing more than
those who had become attuned to their darker sides. When magick swept through
the land it was only natural that these same few would take advantage of this
new force. Thus the dark arts were founded. Following the demon invasion, the
Noctusari were simultaneously respected and feared for the potential their new
power held. The elite Noctusari banded together under the wisdom of Gazali, and
new members were found.

Unknown to many, the Noctusari wrangled their way into political power within
Stavenn following the burning years. Under their leadership, the city became a
major presence in the lands. They continued to rule Stavenn for 1000 years,
when through arrogance, the Noctusari enacted a secret rite within the city
that one Asa Grady had the misfortune to witness. A second era of burnings,
fueled by a distrust for the dark magicks, began.

After the Stavenn - Noctusari war, many were weary and chose time to reflect. A
new age has since dawned, which heralds a new bond between city and guild under
the continued worship of Death. The strength of this unity cannot rule over the
loyalty each Noctusari has to their guild, but has thus far been enough to hold