The Monk Profession - Imperian Online Help

9.4.11 The Monk Profession

 Armour Type: Leather

Main Stat: Strength /Intelligent(pvp only for damage from non physical skills)

Main Statpacks: Athletic, Clever, Intelligent

Balance Type: Primarily Balance, though Equilibrium could be considered instead 
depending on one's own style

Taekate: Primary skillset. Allows the Monk to take various stances, each offering different boons. Many skills within Taekate are able to be combined in sequence with other Taekae skills and even various Telepathy skills. Contains mostly abilities designed to target specific limbs allowing for setups that lead into the skillset's finisher: backbreaker.

Telepathy: Secondary skillset. With this Monks are able to form a mindlock with anyone in the same area, which in turn allows them to deal out various effects from ordering commands to simply giving paralysis. Whilst many of the skills require a mindlock, there are also many that don't and some can even be used in conjunction with Taekate to further debilitate an opponent as they are setup upon.

Kaido: Utility skillset with a twist. The hook of Kaido is that for several of its skills to work the Monk must have kai, which they obtain primarily by receiving damage from their enemies. Whilst most of the skills found therein are defensive in nature, such as toughness, weathering, fitness and heal, there are also offensive moves such as choke and deliverance.

Artifacts made for this profession:
- Taekate belts: (to increase Taekate punch and kick damage)
   a bronze Taekate belt :  400 credits  +10% damage
   a gold Taekate belt   :  800 credits  +15% damage
   a black Taekate belt  : 1600 credits  +20% damage

- Armbands of the Fist
  - These armbands allow Taekate users to hit more often with their punches and kicks. It's difficult to express precisely the effect they have, due to the fact that they affect one part of a complicated formula, but the effect of them is the same as raising the to-hit of a weapon by 10%, 15% and 20%.

Bronze Armband of the Fist:  200 credits  Raises to-hit by 10% (see above)
Copper Armband of the Fist:  500 credits  Raises to-hit by 15% (see above)
Steel Armband of the Fist:  1000 credits  Raises to-hit by 20% (see above)

- Intellect Crown: 500 credits
 - Decreases the amount of time it takes to acquire a mindlock by