THE MAGES OF KINSARMAR - Imperian Online Help


Born of the study of the essences released by the Awakening itself, the guild of the Mages was formed in the year 450AA, under the ambitious leadership of Darrin. Having first learned their skills of Magick from the Elves, the Mages have since gained an even stronger understanding of its mystic uses and powers.                                             

Through their skills of Elemancy, a Mage may call upon those essences which exist through all creation, and bend them to their desire. With Crystalism, they may call back vibrations in the ether caused by the Awakening, utilising them for their own will. Finally, with the study of Alchemy, the Mages can create powerful enchantments, steeped in magickal energy and designed such that anyone who wishes to do so can wield them.

The Mages merged with the Lorekeepers to become the Vindicators. They still watch over the City of Arts and provide magickal instruction and knowledge to their city mates.