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12.14.11 the Kenuba Wastes Outpost

Deep into the Third Age, the orcs of the Kenuba Wastes came into being  
as a more intelligent, magickal offshoot of the Strengmire clan.        
Initially used for experiments by a Lich called Thalec in the Upper     
Feinhorn, this conglomeration of orcs managed to withstand the mortal   
and divine onslaught that led to Thalec's ultimate banishment from the  
prime material plane. While hiding in the deepest regions of the Gongens
for a generation, this segment of Strengmire orcs began to utilize and  
embrace the dark and necromantic magicks that were initially used upon  
them, managing to form a basic understanding of their workings and how  
to employ them for their own dire purposes.                             

Upon learning of the special magickal properties of the terrain in and  
around Stavenn, it was eventually decided within the group to carefully 
make their way towards the barren wastelands to the west of Stavenn     
itself. Finding a wholly unpopulated area situated amidst both marshes  
and rocky hills, the orcs created a stronghold in the Kenabu Wastes,    
where they could further carry out their magickal experiments in a      
terrain much more sympathetic to their aims.