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16.9.7 The History of the Norrjin Race

Orcs swept into Caanae in 100 AA, reducing it to a ruin and scattering the inhabitants across the land.

Hounded by the horde a group of humans escaped to the snowy wastelands of the north. Harsh weather proved too great and hundreds perished in the first winter. Those who did survive lived by their wits, hunting dwindling numbers of wildlife and gathering what little food could be found. As spring broke, Eldgrim Flatnefr viciously took charge. Axe in hand he ordered the construction of small villages, directed hunting, organized gathering, and oversaw defenses. Anyone unable or unwilling to assist was put to death as a drain on their meager resources. The lazy, old, and infirm, that managed to survive the conditions, were decimated in what became known as 'the Culling'.

Eldgrim's culling meant only the strongest and intelligent survived. This process had an effect on the descendants of the north. Larger and stronger, the following generation was better equipped to deal with the dangerous beasts they hunted for food. Skin thickened as they grew resistant to the cold and other environmental stresses. Evolving, the men of the north became crafty hunters and unmatched survivalists. In many racial villages some norrjin still have an annual festival marking the Culling. The strongest and fittest will compete to prove their worth in order to secure land and marriages. Many losers are banished from their villages and sent south.

190 years after the destruction of Caanae, in 290 AA, the people of the north ventured south. Encountering the southern man for the first time in many generations, this new breed of human north man was shocked at what he found. Towering over the average tanari or muamrite, the average north man had broader shoulders, thicker muscles, and a pale skin separating them from the other races. Despite the differences, they were clearly human, and the northmen were soon referred to as the norrjin.